The first book on Helmut Schmid «design is attitude» is published along with the exhibition.

The book published by Victor Malsy, Philipp Teufel und Fjodor Gejko will be the first comprehensive publication about the present works of Helmut Schmid. 600 exhibits are visualized on 350 pages and commented by Helmut Schmid and the authors. Birkhäuser Publishers published the bilingual book (German and English).

Professor Victor Malsy Professor Philipp Teufel

helmut schmid: gestaltung ist haltung – design is attitude

Released by Victor Malsy, Philipp Teufel and Fjodor Gejko; Published by Birkhäuser Publishers; Distributed in the U.S. through Princeton Architectural Press;
ISBN-10: 3-7643-7509-4, ISBN-13: 978-3-7643-7509-6;

This Book is availible online at

Birkhäuser Publishers